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Do I have enough experience?
Norwegian boaters enjoy great respect with the vast majority of charter companies for their high level of boat handling. However, in some countries documentation is required to show that one or two onboard can handle the boat. It may be in the form of a certificate, boatmasters test or recommendation from a boat or sailing association. If desired, we will help confirm your boat skills to the rental company.

Rent of skipper?
If you feel insecure about handling the boat, it is possible to hire a skipper. The advantage of rent leases is, among other things, that he / she usually knows the sailing area very well. The vast majority of skippers speak English. If you wish, you can usually get a Scandinavian skipper.

Is it more expensive to book through Seven Seas Yachts than directly at rental companies?
The vast majority of charter companies throughout the world depend entirely on their partners to rent their boats. Many of the charter companies do not accept direct bookings, and if they do, it is the same as you get through Seven Seas Yachts. We will also ensure that you receive the discounts you require, either as a new or former customer.

What laws and regulations apply?
By using Seven Seas Yachts as a broker, you are protected by laws and regulations. Renting conditions are according to the local “terms and condtions”  valid for the country where the yacht is rented.

When does time begin and end in the rental period?
The rental period begins and ends usually on a Saturday. If desired, other days can be agreed, especially outside the high season. The boat are usually handed over at 17 p.m. and must normally be returned by 9 a.m. The reason for these times is that the charter company will have time to thoroughly review the boat before the next rental. It should be washed and brushed, if necessary also take a periodic service or, if necessary, do any necessary repairs. This is done in order for you to have a hassle free vacation. Very often the boat is ready for boarding before the agreed time, so we recommend that you meet at the base well in advance of check-in, preferably 2 – 3 hours in advance.

What should I bring with me?
In good time before the start of the holiday, you will be informed of what is advisable to take on a boat holiday. In fact, you only carry luggage, everything else is usually on board the boat. Remember to pack in a bag or a sack, suitcases are difficult to stow away.

Introduction for a few days?
If it has been a long time since you have handled a boat, we recommend renting a skipper for a day or two, until you feel safe to master the boat.

What about children on board?
This kind of vacation is ideal for children of all ages. Some of our partners have life jackets for children, but we recommend bringing life west that suit the child’s weight. For children under 3 years, we also recommend that you bring harness that can be attached to the vest and boat to prevent the child from falling overboard.

Will I be informed of how the boat works?
At the start of the holiday season, the boat will be thoroughly reviewed by the representative of the rental company, together with you. You will be informed of how the technical works onboard and whom you can contact if you need help along the way.

Does my travel insurance cover the holiday?
Usually, most travel insurance covers personal injury, sickness expenses, etc.
To be on the safe side, we recommend that you check your insurance terms well in advance of your vacation start.

How do I find the boat?
After you have booked a boat, you will receive information on how to get to the base and how to find the boat, who is contact, phone number etc.

What do I do if there are any problems with the boat and / or equipment?
This should not happen, but problems may still occur. The easiest is to call the base and talk to the contact person there. Usually the problem is fixed quite quickly on arrival at the agreed port. Should you not be able to get the problem fixed, please call us.

Can I pay by credit card?
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is because credit card companies calculate commissions. Security deposit, possibly deposit insurance, can be paid on certain types of credit cards, in most of our bases.

Can I pre-order food?
Of course we can fix this for you. We will send you a list of supplies which are available. The supplies will be on the pier next to the boat, around boarding time. It is usually a small fee for this service.

How do I order?
First, please, in consultation with us, find out where you want your boat vacation. Then you have to decide which boat you want to rent and from which base. We then contact the rental company to confirm the current boat, and then send your confirmation of the booking, as well as all necessary documents. You can also use our “ONLINE SEARCHING” function in the web page.

What about airplanes and possibly hotels?
In high season it may be difficult to get booked flights and possibly hotel at reasonable prices. Therefore, we recommend that you order in good time. There are many possibilities, so contact us!

Is there electricity on board?
Most of the boats have 12V electricity on board. If you are connected to land with land power, you also get 220 V on board. Electrical equipment like cell phones can usually be loaded with a cigarette lighter adapter. The larger boats have 220 V generators that produce 220 V onboard continuously.

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