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sailing yacht

Sailboat Vacation

Renting a sailboat in warmer climate has become very popular. This is because, among other things, many travelers want an active holiday, close to nature and elements. So, if you enjoy the sea, a sailboat can be highly recommended.
We have a large contact network with solid boat rental companies all over the world and have thousands of boats to choose from.


Mega Yachts

You’ve probably wanted to go far away from everyday life, to be wated on by a crew that is on par with the operation of a luxury class hotel? Or do you want to do something out of the ordinary for your colleagues, business associates or your friends? Try one of our luxury cruisers!


Motorboat vacation

Renting a motorboat in the south of Europe is not as common as renting a sailboat, but it is becoming more and more popular. Greece and Croatia are popular countries to cruise from island to island – and picturesque islands there are many of in these countries. The people are also nice and the food tastes excellent.

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