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The current rental rates at any time, including any discounts, can be found by searching in the “ONLINE SEARCH” flip.

There are 4 – 5 price periods in most rental areas. In the Mediterranean the high season is from mid July to late August. In the Caribbean, the East and Australia the high is season around Christmas and New Year’s. At the forefront and after the peak seasons prices are lower.

The newest yachts, which are in high demand, have the highest rental price per week. We can get all yacht types, from 30 feet upwards, from the very latest to yachts in the “economy” class. If you want a yacht with a skipper and/ or a cook, we will also help you with ordering these. We have more than 10,000 yachts worldwide, for which we arrange rentals, and offer more than one yacht type and size, depending on the holiday budget and the number of participants on the trip/in the yacht.

Welcome to join. Contact us for a competitive price offers.
When ordering a boat through Seven Seas Yachts, you are also covered by the Norwegian purchase license (norsk kjøpslov).

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