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You’ve probably wanted to go far away from everyday life, to be wated on by a crew that is on par with the operation of a luxury class hotel? Or do you want to do something out of the ordinary for your colleagues, business associates or your friends? Try one of our luxury cruisers!

We are convinced that you will be very impressed with the standard and service aboard these mega yachts! Most of them are custom made, with furniture and furnishings specially designed and handmade according to the owner’s taste.

We offer a wide range of boats, both sailboats, yachts and catamarans, from 70 feet to 250 feet. The prices should be manageable. The boats are also staffed with professional skipper and crew. It does not mean you have to be passive on board, they are happy to let you know about the daily progress of the yacht. If you want a ride in the engine room, or be up on the bridge to navigate this is usually allowed. Or simply, enjoy the luxury and life on board, and relax completely.

The yachts may be rented for the number of days you may wish. They are available in many sizes and versions, and we recommend more than one boat and route, based on the number of people in the group. The bases for these yachts are mainly in the Mediterranean, Florida and the Caribbean.

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